Luang Por Chui, year 1922, Gangaram Temple, Phetchaburi



Gangaram Temple, one of the famous ancient temples in Phetchaburi which in addition to the beauty of art It also reminds me of Luang Por Chui, the former abbot, nicknamed “The Grandmaster Who Lived Over Death”.who developed and created prosperity until the temple is known and famous until today The sacred objects that he created are highly revered and widely collectible, especially the “First Imitation Coins” which are considered the first and only identical coins created during the period of Luang Phor’s life. Moreover, it was created by the skill of the royal craftsman. Therefore, it has a delicacy, beautiful and outstanding, making it very popular. Luang Pho Chui Sukphikku was born in 1858 at Ban Saphan Chang, Mamuang Subdistrict, Khlong Kraseng District, Province. Phetchaburi began to study at the Gangaram Temple at a young age. Until he reached the age of ordination, he was ordained at this temple, earning him the nickname “Suk Bhikkhu”. especially in the field of Vipassana Meditation He had committed himself as a student to study with Phra Ajarn Garuda, Wat Mahathat. He was a guru monk who strictly adheres to the practice, has compassion and is a developer. until receiving the royal title until he became a Provost contracted at Phra Kru Suwanmuni Served as deputy provincial governor and became the abbot of Gangaram Temple, successor from Phra Phisan Samanakit (Rid), the last rank of rank There is a royal name that Phra Suwanmuni Narasit Thammasut, Sangkhapamok, and was promoted to be the primate of the province. He renovated and built the Gangaram Temple until it became famous. He died in 1923, aged 65 years.



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