Luang Pu Boon magnate coin Wat Klang Bang Kaeo



Luang Pu Boon is one of the most famous and revered monks of Nakhon Pathom province. Most importantly, he is the original “Ya Chinda Mani” who has been called as “Yavasana” that anyone who eats it will bring good fortune. extremely and until now, various sacred objects Of Wat Klang Bang Kaeo is still used. “Chindamanee Medicine Powder Luang Pu Boon recipe” is an ingredient in the mass content. and still retains the original buddhist virtue

Autobiography of Luang Pu Boon Khanthachot, the first abbot You are a native of Krathum Baen. Samut Sakhon Province Born in 1848, his father-mother’s name was Mr. Seng and Mrs. Lim Studied and studied characters in the preliminary period with Phra Paladthong, Gangaram Temple (Wat Klang Bang Kaeo) until he was 15 years old, then he was ordained as a novice, at the age of 22 he was ordained as a monk at Phatthasima, Wat Klang Bang Kaeo, with Phra Palad Pan of Wat Phithai Tharam (Doll Temple). is a preceptor, Phra Palatthong is a monk, and the rector of Wat Ngew Rai is a monk who has been nicknamed ‘Kunthachot’, Luang Pu Boon intends to study Phra Pariyat Dharma and Puttakom until he is proficient. behave strictly in the sanctuary It is respected by the Buddhists until the year B.E. 1886 was appointed abbot of Wat Klang Bang Kaeo He developed the temple until prosperous. perform various sacraments to propagate and inherit Buddhism According to the Dharma of the Lord Buddha. In addition, he is also a monk who practices focusing on meditation and meditation. Until being regarded as the best monk of the era, even Somdej Phra Sangkharat (raft) of Wat Suthat Thep Wararam or Chao Khun Phra Sunthon Samajarn (Phrom) of Wat Kalayanamit also respect



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