Luang Pu Tim, Lahan Rai Temple, Rayong



(Luang Pu Tim, Lahan Rai Temple, Rayong Province)
Welded loop coin, Luang Pu Tim, Lahan Rai Temple, is a highly popular model. Previously, it was presented in the Golden Block section. Today, it is presented again in the most popular block of Pha Khet. Of course, there are many fakes all over the country. The real thing must see the clarity correct edge cutting Some coins are coded, such as Sala code, sesame seeds, etc., but for players in this block There will be further divisions such as combed hair, neck, etc. This depends on the preferences, but it’s up to you. At this model, every coin, every block is conjured all at the same time. Those who want to rent it should consult an expert. It’s the best.



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